This Will Only Take A Moment of Your Time

The U.S. Census Bureau long form, called the American Community Survey, is now being sent to 1 in every 6 households. In some rural areas, as many as every other home may receive this long form because the Census Bureau states that a larger sample is needed to ensure that these rural areas get the same detailed information as more densely populated areas.

On the back page of the long form is the statement:

“The Census Bureau estimates that, for the average household, this form will take 38 minutes to complete, including the time for reviewing the instructions and answers.”

If there are five people in a household that receives a long form that’s a total of two hundred fifty-six questions that will be answered. Answering them in thirty-eight minutes works out to about 8.9 seconds for each answer. Take a look at the questions on the other posts on this blog. The instructions are included in each question.Then try reading, answering, and reviewing just ten of the questions in the allotted 8.9 seconds for each one. Good luck. The Census Bureau is going to do all the math for all the census forms? They can’t even do the math on how long it’s going to take the average person to fill out the long form.

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