About CensusThis

Welcome to CensusThis.

Here you will find information on the US Census Bureau, the census questionaires including the American Community Survey, and how some American citizens are choosing to deal with it.

Articles on the census are listed under More Census Nonsense by Resident Apt. 1.

Don’t forget that You Have the Right to Question the Census Worker.

You can Write a Letter to Congress Regarding the ACS

Here is a short article with a printable notice to the Census Bureau notifying them that you will not be answering their invasive, unconstitutional questions. A Refusal to Answer the Questions Notice to the Census Bureau

The link, Census Bureau’s Blackhole: Photos, will show you how some of your tax dollars were spent on a new facility for the census bureau.

Links to other sites about the census are listed under You Are Not Alone.

Links to Videos, some humorous, some informative, are also listed under: A Few Videos About the Census.

If you feel like tearing your hair out over the census form thenTell CensusThis About Your Adventures in Senseless Land” is the page for you. There you can share your Census adventures with a world of sympathetic listeners. But please, take a minute to read and follow the guidelines so your post won’t be deleted. Thanks.

About NonCensus Nonsense:

Resident Apt.1 has tried to keep this site dedicated to imparting information on the census surveys to American citizens but has become unable to resist writing about the  bureaucratic idiocy that is spreading across the nation like a wine stain on a white carpet. Therefore, from time to time, not as often as I’d like, I will post links, information, and opinions on other particularly bizzare  areas of government lunacy.


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