Being Harrassed by the Senseless Bureau?

If you are then learn about the Rutherford Institute. Watch the video where John Whitehead founder of the Rutherford Institute speaks about a census worker who took his pitbull with him on the job and the dog bit an American Citizen.
In the video John Whitehead, who is a lawyer, tells the viewer that under the law the citizen must answer the questions. He is talking about the 10 question census that is taken every 10 years. I’m pretty sure he is not talking about the American Community Survey. As a lawyer he is obligated to tell you to answer the questions. However, many, many American citizens are not answering the questions. Others are answering only the enumeration for government representation questions: Name and age.
The Rutherford Institute:
“Founded in 1982 by constitutional attorney and author John W. Whitehead, The Rutherford Institute is a civil liberties organization that provides free legal services to people whose constitutional and human rights have been threatened or violated.

The Institute’s mission is twofold: to provide legal services in the defense of religious and civil liberties and to educate the public on important issues affecting their constitutional freedoms.” – The Rutherford Institute

The Rutherford Institute is waiting patiently to test the Census Bureau in court.
Here is a video regarding the Census Bureau by The Rutherford Institute:

Also, here’s an article by Tasha Kates of the Daily Progress regarding an aggressive census worker, here’s a quote from the article which you can read by following the link.

“The Census Bureau worker, insistent that the son answer the questions, stuck his foot in the door and illegally entered the premises of Ms. Broadwater’s home,” the letter said.
Daily Progress


2 Responses

  1. I wrote the following e-mail today:

    Hello Family, Friends, and the Press,

    I write this to you via “Bcc (Blind carbon copy)” to protect all…

    I responded to the U.S. Census by telling them the number of people that lived in our home pursuant to the United States Constitution back in 2010. Within a few months we started receiving mailings and/or phone calls wanting us to respond to 28 (TWENTY-EIGHT) PAGES of intrusive questions all under the guise of “The American Community Survey”…within the last couple of weeks (again) EVERY 2 days we either receive a phone call (as early as 9:15a.m. to 9:00p.m. during the week AND on weekends) or a postcard, letter, forms, etc. wanting more info and threatening fines, my understanding up to $1,000 PER question (PER person 48 questions PLUS MOST questions have 8 to 10 ADDITIONAL questions).

    Examples of questions: FULL name, how are you related to person #1, sex, age, date of birth, origin, race, type of race, best description of the building you live in (mobile home, one-family with or without detachment from other buildings, apts (# of in each); when building was built, when did you move into this home (month AND year), how many acres, any agricultural products sold from this property; if so, how many $’s worth, is there a business or store on this property, how many separate rooms are in this building, how many are bedrooms, hot and cold running water, flush toilet, bathtub or shower, sink with a faucet, refrigerator, telephone service which you can call out on and receive calls, how many autos, which FUEL is MOST used to heat your building, cost of electricity for this building last month, cost of gas for this building last month, in past 12 months cost of water and sewer to this house, past 12 months cost of oil, coal, kerosene, wood, etc in this building, receive food stamps in past 12 months, is this building part of a condominium, who owns your building, mortgage, home-equity loan, owned free and clear, if rented out, how much, does it include meals, how much could your home be sold for if for sale, what are your annual real estate taxes on this property, what is the annual payment for fire, hazard, flood insurance, do you or anyone have a mortgage, deed of trust, contract to purchase, or similar debt on this property, how much is the regular monthly mortgage payment on this property, does it include real estate taxes as part of that payment, or fire, hazard, or flood insurance, have a second mortgage, how much for all other mortgages paid, insurance, etc., are you a citizen of the U.S., where born, when did you come to live in the U.S., have you attended any school or college in last 3 months, public or private, what grade were you in, highest level of schooling completed, what type of degree do you have, what was your college major, what is your ancestry or ethnic origin, what language is spoken in the home, how well do you speak English, did you live in this building 1 year ago, where did you live, (complete) address, are you currently covered by health insurance, if so what plan do you have, are you deaf or hearing problem, blind or vision problems, physical, mental or emotional condition, difficulty concentrating, remembering, or making decisions, problems walking or climbing stairs, difficulty dressing or bathing, physical, mental, or emotional problems doing errands alone or visiting doctor’s office or shopping, marital status, in past 12 months did you get married, widowed, divorced, how many time have you been married, what year did you last get married, given birth to any children in past 12 months, grandchildren under 18 living in your home, responsible for grandchildren, for how long, ever served in the military, current status, when did you serve, does this person have a VA service-connected disability rating, what is the person’s service-connected disability rating, did you work for pay last week, did you do ANY work last week, what location did you work, address, within the city limits, name of county, how did you get to work, in what type of vehicle, car, truck, van, bus, railroad, ferry, taxi, motorcycle, bicycle, walked, how many people rode with you, what time did you leave for work last week (hour and minute), how long did it take you to get home to work last week , were you layed-off last week, was it temporary, will you be recalled in the next 6 months, during last 4 weeks were you ACTIVELY looking for work, , last week could you have started a job if offered or returned to work if recalled, when did this person last work, during pasts 12 months did you work 50 or more weeks, count paid time off, how many weeks did were you sick, paid vacation, paid sick leave, and military service, in past 12 months in the weeks work how may hours did you usually work in one week, current or most recent job activity, for whom: private-for-profit, private, for not profit, local gvt, state, federal, self-employed , working without pay, for whom did you work (name), what kind of business or industry was this, is this mainly mfg, wholesale, retail, or other, what kind of work do you do, what is the most important activity or duties, past 12 months your total wages, salaries, commissions, bonuses, tips from all jobs $amount., self-employment $$ amount, interest,, dividends, net rental income, royalty income, or income from estates and trusts $$$ amount, social security or railroad retirement $ amount, SSI $amount, any public assistance $amt, retirement, survivor, or disability pensions $amt, any other sources of income, $amt, what was each person’s total income during past 12 months, and on and on…ALL these questions must be answered by EACH person in the home/building.

    They say, that this is for our own good so they know what roads and services our town will get. BS!!! It is a complete waste of government funds. They basically already have all the info they need to cross-reference with the other governmental agencies: i.e. IRS, Social Security, taxing bureaucracies, etc…And for cripe sakes, what does the majority of this info REALLY have to do with what they say it is for (we, as most of you, already know why they want this info).

    ANYBODY else receive this? How did you respond OR are you holding your ground as well as enough is enough?

    From what I have found online, we’re not the only ones being harassed, nor are we the only ones holding our grounds.

    Why aren’t they tracking down ILlegal immigrants as they do with their own tax-paying, law abiding citizens?

  2. yesterday was the first day i have been census bureau representative free – they have been coming to my house sometimes 2 or three times a day – every time they get the same answer and someone else comes back out – this is totally ridiculous and i think it has entered into harassment?

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