Public Servant Questionnaire PDF

Public Servant Questionnaire PDF


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  1. What’s it all about Alphie? it is about Gerrymandering: the long practiced trick of geting more representation fthan a candidate or party deserves. Just another go around? No, The jump began with the Demos in power when Geographic Information Systems was coming into use. The Repubs improved upon it the next Census, and now the Demos will take a giant step along The Road to Serfdom.

    Expect the race question to be used minutely to pinpoint exactly the best way to get 60% majority minority districts in the congress. It is the race question that will kill freedom–it’s a long, complicated story.

  2. A head count is the only mandatory part of the census. The government is the one that is mandated to do it so that we can have correct representation. I just filled out how many of us there were and that there were 2 adults and 2 minors. That is all they are legally obligated to ask and that is all they are leagally able to mandate. The real problem is when they choose to add illegals into the count. Their not even supposed to be able to vote but they get counted for representation? And they wonder why so many more states are looking to follow Arizona. Arizona’s bill only reaffirmed the federal law and stipulated that it must be enforced. Unfortunately that may mean that Arizona gets less representation now that the illegals are boycotting that state and moving to “friendly states that want more representatives..

  3. Carolyn:
    I have to disagree with you a bit. The Census is federally mandated, not the form. The federal mandate is very clear on the informaiton required to be collected. All of the additional questions are not mandated by the law, but have been added by various agencies. While I understand the desire for some people to make money, I also understand the desire to have privacy. Too often the workers are not aware of the questions that must be answered versus the ones that are voluntary. It is not my responsibility to educate them or to provide information I feel violates my privacy rights.

  4. filling out a census form is federally mandated. the census has been taken since the very beginning of our nation. do you all realize that this count is primarily used to determine representation in the House? it seems that people are refusing to answer because they do not approve of the president, this is infantile! i am a conservative, Christian, republican and i work for the census bureau, is that considered anathema? everytime a census worker is sent back to an uncooperative residense it costs approx, $110. just answer the questions and quit giving workers who just want to make a few dollars a hard time. if you don’t agree with the census, change the constitution, don’t violate the law and cost taxpayers extra money by refusing to answer!!!

    • IF the info is just for the purpose of House representation, then why are illegals being counted? By law and the Constitution, they are not supposed to vote, therefore they should not be counted. As a matter of fact, they shouldn’t be in the country to begin with, never mind Constitutional representation.

      If it is is just for representation, then why do they need to know my race and ethnicity? Do I get different representation based on my race and ethnicity? Do I get better than or more than someone else because of my race and ethnicity? That’s the major problem I have and I’m just guessing, that most have not gone through a thorough background check and I don’t need some strange person coming to my house when I’m home alone and maybe finding out that I live alone so they can come back at another time.

      I know my background check took months and required me completing several pages detailing driving history, criminal history, fingerprinting, arrest history, family history, family names and information, reference information and on site/in home visits to the same.

      They get my name, DOB, social security name and dependent’s name from the social security service, the IRS, my medical info from my employer (which will also be given to the IRS), and host of other agencies get various forms of my information through out the year.
      Maybe they could save some money and cross reference with some of those agencies.

      People don’t trust the government any more, which is why they are fighting it so much.

    • Carolyn,

      It is you who is being infantile. You apparently didn’t do your homework on the laws of a census. It has nothing to do with the POTUS. The government is attempting to overstep its boundaries and has LIED once again to the people about the census questions. When you finally wake up to this fact, you will be apologizing for your ignorance. You need to sharpen your critical thinking skills and quit being a dumbed down sheep. You’re mad because Americans are fed up with this government and are waking up to the fact that it is overstepping its boundaries, SET UP BY THE CONSTITUTION, that they are IGNORING the people who put them in office to represent them. Do you get it yet? Hello? Government is NOT YOUR FRIEND! They don’t give a hoot about you! WAKE UP CAROLYN!

      • Amen bro. I cant believe how naive people here are these days. And completely ignorant of the Constitution what it is and for. Self esteem class replaced History I guess. Rep.’s AND Dems are selling us out for the NWO and this is BAD. VERY BAD. We must make a stand soon and my feeling is that the sheeple here in USA will be led to slaughter rather easily. Too many snitches, bitches and just plain STUPID, you cant fix stupid. In just 2 generations we’ve become ‘America of the Slave, home of the Coward.’

    • “do you all realize that this count is primarily used to determine representation in the House?”

      You do realize that the number of congressmen in the House of Representatives has not changed in over 90 years? Look it up.

    • I didn’t answer the questions on the census but did give how many people live in my household. It is the job of the census to count the people not ask what nationality you are or any of the other questions on there. I have a right to privacy and those questions violate peoples privacy. The only question needing to be answered is how many people live here.
      It wouldn’t cost extra money if the government would do the census properly. I mailed my form in there was no need to send anyone to my home. I told them how many people lived here.
      When the guy came to my house he did what I felt was illegal by putting answers down to questions I would not give him answers to. He put me down as white because I looked white to him. I am also Indian, how is that for getting false information. I don’t believe census workers have the right to fill in my answers by just looking at me.

    • Carolyn,
      At one point I also worked for the Census Bureau. I went to training sessions and then I went door to door asking people questions.
      Most people were very nice and those who refused did so with manners but after about a week of it I just couldn’t stand it anymore and I quit. I just could not keep going into people’s homes and asking them personal questions.
      If you think the Census is just for house representation you’re wrong. Read some other articles on this blog like Bar None or You Bought What? or Secure and Confidential Uh-Huh, or even take a look at and read Census Bureau’s Black Hole what a colossal waste of taxpayer’s dollars much less paying rent to known terrorists for a building that is only a few miles away from their phenominally ugly and amazingly expensive national headquarters.
      I understand some people who work for the Census Bureau are only trying to make a living but that doesn’t mean the rest of us should give up our privacy to subsidize them. Your not in great company anyway, as quite a few of census workers are ex cons and ACORN members.
      I wish you well.
      Resident Apt. 1

  5. In 2009, we received a letter from the Census Bureau stating we had been selected to participate in four visits from our census agent who would be coming to our door. On the back page of the letter, it states this is voluntary. We did not volunter for it. Our situation is not the typical American family, so we do not think this is necessary for us to do. Just received another letter stating about the four visits for this year. Again, we did not volunteer for it. This week, I called the District Manager, so they can take our name off of the list.

  6. How about a simple “no”?

  7. They never knocked on my door. Maybe they decided not to when they received the form in the mail stating my home has one resident and my race is human. I can’t recall if I supplied my name. I know I didn’t answer any other questions.

  8. IO am a real estate appraiser. I am required to identify myself at the request of the borrower whose home I am inspecting. I am required to furnish license, e&o insurance and driver’s license if so requested. I am also required to furnish proof of assignment including the client. So…. them revenuers should be required to do the same.

  9. I wish I had it too. I didn’t answer any of thier questions. I just told them to leave and if DMV wouldn’t share with them then they didn’t need to know it about me.

  10. LOL – wish I’d had this b4 I simply declined to answer more than the number of residents – would have been fun 🙂

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