Refusal to Answer Questions Notice to the Census Bureau

Refusal to Answer Questions Notice to the Census Bureau

This is a notice to the census bureau reminding them that they do not have a constitutional right to ask invasive questions. You can print it out and include it with your census form if you are choosing to send it back with only the head count question answered.


11 Responses

  1. The information you enter in the survey will likely be shared with other government agencies, then private corporations, and finally hacked by outsiders. Check out the Rutherford Institute.

  2. We got the first notice 2 weeks ago. We received the written copy this week. I am so outraged. I refuse to fill this out as it is an incredible invasion of privacy. It reminds me of the bible stories in the book of revelation about the anti-Christ marking all the citizens by requiring them to have his mark. Creepy and wrong, every ounce of me screams NO!

  3. I have a fear of becoming their target for harassment,
    (U.S. GOVERNMENT), but I am NOT filling and mailing this out.

  4. Unfortunately nearly everything these nosy SOB’S are asking are already in their system somewhere..w-2,property tax and healthcare or public records. As far as I’m concerned if they want to gather it all up in one little file they need to do their own damned footwork. All they can do is feed,house,educate me and give free medical care shoot if they would just give me an allowance they could put me in the illegal category.

  5. They want to know if I have a flush toilet! and how much money we have. How many rooms in our home ..Way to much b. s.

  6. I just found your site not to long ago. Love everything I am reading so far.

  7. I just fell upon your site 20 minutes ago and so far I like it a lot. I am finding some great information for print off. Love this site. okay, I already said that. 😉

  8. Say no to harrasment. Say no to violations of your privacy.

    Say yes to the US constitution. Support liberty and freedom. Send this out of control government a message.

    Name withheld due to fear of the criminal and corrupt police state.

  9. I will not fill out anything above, number or folks that live here. I am not sure were this infomation will land up

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